About Hunter

about hunter

Hunter Lambeth has spent the better part of the last three decades fumbling his way around the planet, trying to stick close to the teachings of Jesus, even going so far as to spend a season of life living in Nazareth, hometown of the most famous Nazarene.

Along with his wife Lauri and their daughter Haley, Hunter lived in the ancient carpenter’s Galilean village from 2012-2017, where they helped lead and develop the ministry of Young Life in the Holy Land, both within Israel, as well as throughout the Palestinian Territory.  Today, from their home base north of Atlanta, Hunter and Lauri continue to oversee the work in the Middle East, traveling back and forth throughout the year when a certain virus doesn’t keep them away.

Before leading the work in the Middle East, Hunter directed and coordinated short-term service trips through Young Life, primarily to Latin America, East Africa and on the island of Hispaniola.


He is the author of Praus: A Parable for Winning the War Within, and the forthcoming Three Dollar Bridge: A Memoir of Fishes and Friends.

Hunter is the first to admit he’s lived life at too fast a pace…harboring a constant desire to slow down, linger more, take advantage of community, and find ways to more consistently slip his feet into the footsteps of Jesus.  When COVID gradually overtook the planet in the winter of 2020, Hunter was finally forced to accept a life pace he’d previously been unable to realize.  The suffering of others notwithstanding, eventually he’d receive this time as a gift, an opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and re-set.  “Sheltering in place” provided an opportunity to finish his latest book, Chasing 70: A Quest to Live Life at the Pace of Christ, a story that in many ways began thousands of years ago, two oceans away, but was given flesh and bones by the modern journey of a dear friend.

May the excerpts posted here draw you into your own season of self-reflection and discovery.  And may you too uncover the secrets to living life at a rhythm in line with that of Christ Himself, a rhythm designed to nurture and sustain the soul.”